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Ivf European Services Ltd was established in order to provide the highest level of professionalism in the field of contemporary reproductive technologies for infertility diagnostics and treatment. In order to do so, the company is connected to a team of highly qualified specialists. Ivf European Services Ltd works in cooperation with Hadassah Hospital. The Hadassah Ivf's department physicians headed by Prof. Laufer use and determine the highest uncompromised medical standards. Ivf European Services Ltd treats patients from Israel as well as from Europe Canada and the United States.

Ivf European Services Ltd will refer all patients to Hadassah's hospital Ivf department. There, the patient will meet his personal physician, who will review in details his medical history and will offer him the most appropriate treatment. At Hadassah's Ivf department all the necessary tests are performed in order to achieve the best result reducing significantly the time needed.

Ivf European Services Ltd works in cooperation with a number of European Ivf centers and clinics. This way the Ivf European Services Ltd can reach the most appropriate oocytes donors when ever oocyte donation is needed. All the medical treatments which connected to the European clinics are supervised by the Hadassah's Ivf physicians and when the needed arises the donated oocytes are ready. Hadassah's physicians escort the patient to the European clinics and supervise personally the process. Hadassah's Ivf physicians are absolutely correlated and coordinated with the European clinics regarding the necessary tests and timing as part of the oocyte donation program.

We are committed to the unique goal- helping couples bring babies into the world and become "Mummy and Daddy", helping couples become a happy family.

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