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Amir Hayun - Advisory Team Amir Hayun - Advisory Team
Mr. Hayun has owned and managed multiple real estate holdings since 1994. His primary expertise is the turnaround of income producing properties in South Florida. In this capacity he has consistently improved the NOI of acquired holdings by over 20%, yielding above market returns for his companys portfolio.

Key experience includes Real Estate Mergers and Acquisitions, Property Income Audits, Due Diligence Reviews, collections, evictions, legal litigation, management, personnel, vendors, utilities usages, leasehold improvements, asset management, code compliance, structural conditions, rental turn over and procedures.

Mr. Hayun is an expert at property management and is often called to assess the market in order to verify the vacancy factor for a particular area and determine what the fair, good and above average rental markets are for a comparable size unit in similar condition.

Specific Project Experience includes:
Lake Orleans 84 Units
Bella Vista 90 Units
Lago Mar 112 Units
Queens 36 Units
Ninas 34 Units
Clearview 27 Units
Meridian 26 Units
Alexandria 22 Units
Galie Marseille 12 Units

Mr. Hayun has been a Licensed Real Estate Broker since 1997 and speaks fluent English, Hebrew and Spanish.