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GSR News : Wildflower wild card
Posted by GSR on 2006/12/21 14:54:08 (7255 reads)

Commissioners OK 290-unit, 27-building condo complex on 80-acre golf course in a last-minute 'backwards' pact
Charlotte County commissioners Tuesday approved a development agreement that will allow a 290-unit, 27-building condominium project on Wildflower

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GSR News : Wildflower condos get fast track
Posted by GSR on 2006/12/21 14:52:14 (12328 reads)

The commissioners voted 4-1 Tuesday to grant a Miami developer permission to build 290 condos on Cape Haze's Wildflower golf course.

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GSR News : Wildflower development approved by board
Posted by GSR on 2006/7/11 18:34:50 (8358 reads)

Wildflower development approved by board

Summary: Charlotte County's Planning and Zoning Board approved a recommendation to change the land use from parks and rec to multi-family mixed use. The proposed plan must now go to the Department of Community Affairs for approval. GSR Capital Group is hoping to turn the recently closed Wildflower Golf Club into a upscale 331-unit development.

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GSR News : Condos could replace golf course
Posted by GSR on 2006/7/2 1:02:01 (50241 reads)

Rani Ben-David, president GSR Capital Group, is hoping to turn the recently closed Wildflower Golf Club into a upscale development of 92 condominiums, 239 townhouses and an estimated 50,000 square feet of commercial space.

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GSR News : For now County rejects developing Wildflower
Posted by GSR on 2006/5/15 3:44:50 (5218 reads)

But commissioners warned residents opposing the project that the board's decision doesn't mean the land will never be developed

"I do think the owner has a right to develop this property in some way," said Commissioner Matt DeBoer. "Unless we're willing to buy this as park land, it's going to be developed

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